In 1964, the Association for Socio-economic Development in the Republic of China (ASEDROC) was founded by the late Cardinal Yupin to introduce and promote the credit union movement in Taiwan; for extending the social service, ASEDROC reform her organization structure to set up the “Credit Unions Promotion Committee” underneath to be in charge of the promotion, guidance and supervision of credit unions.
Along with the increasing on the credit union business and members, a professional and national association for all primary credit unions was inevitable; hence the committee was independence from ASEDROC to rename as the Credit Union League of the Republic of China (CULROC) and be registered as a legal juridical association at 22nd August 1982.
For adopting the function of the committee in ASEDROC, CULROC is keeping working on the promotion of credit union movement in Taiwan and enthusiastic the international participation as well for providing the experience sharing opportunity for members and leaders to further the relevant business innovation; now, our international affiliation are included Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions- ACCU, International Raiffeisen Union- IRU, International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation- ICMIF, World Council of Credit Unions- WOCCU, etc.