According the Article 9 in Credit Union Act, a Credit Union can:

  1. Receive money from members as the shares.
  2. Offer reserve/backup account for members.
  3. Provide loans for members.
  4. Participate in various insurance programs run by the League.
  5. Be the agent of collecting electricity and water supply fees, gas fees, tuition, telephone Charges, taxes and fines for members.
  6. Participate the financing programs run by the League.
  7. Participate in community building and assist the development of community industries.
  8. Participate in social enterprise with cooperative business type run by the League
  9. Purchase government bonds, and
  10. Be the agent of government or charity organization commissioned matters.
  11. Other related items approved by the central competent authority.

Each credit union can offer various services for members based on its local operation model, such as joint-marketing of agriculture products between members or other credit unions, joint-purchasing the motor vehicles, being an agent for dealing with the motor vehicle insurance, providing the member affinity card with affiliating stores nearby to have members with special discount, and holding various social and education activities for members involved. In addition, credit union involves in community charitable projects as well, for example, forming a volunteer service group to do the meals on wheels, participating in community college, community chorus, foreign spouse life adoption assistance, the school work guidance for children from the disadvantaged family, social environment protection, tribe culture connection and cooperating with other charity associations to serve and concern the community to have credit unions for full practical purpose on the involvement of community and be the heart of the community.