As the consultant and technical supporter, CULROC plays an important role to ensure the rights of the primary credit unions to improve their competitiveness in the market with innovative products and services. According the Article 27 in Credit Union Act, Missions of the League are listed as follows: :

  1. Tutor credit unions in making their own bylaws.
  2. Conduct education training programs on cooperative spirit.
  3. Verify the establishment of credit unions and protect their rights and interests.
  4. Supervise, audit and assist all credit unions.
  5. Process various mutual funds on behalf of credit unions.
  6. Manage reserves funds allocated by credit unions.
  7. Conduct capital financing and govern credit union surplus funds.
  8. Assist credit unions to purchase national bonds.
  9. Handle mutual business as child care and senior nursing home for credit union members.
  10. Participate in social enterprise with cooperative business type and apply for public welfare projects.
  11. Other authority-approved matters.
    The above-mentioned tasks of the League is supervised, guided and assisted by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance.